Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm tired. Composing anything more than a few sentences exhausts me. yet here I go...

D started the new job. It's fairly fascist in its employee management practices. He's 50/50 on it as of now.

I have 1/3 of the shade trellis built and planted. Since we have no A/C I need to block where the most heat builds up in the house, and in summer the sun just beats through one set of windows. So I'm building fairly cheap trellises and growing runner beans and other climbing crops up in front of them.

We did take advantage of the one-week gap in employment and took a small trip. We went to San Diego, stayed in a HOTEL (not a common vacation practice for us), and went to the Wild Animal Park, the Zoo, Coronado Island and the science museum. There was soooo much more we could have done, but just not enough time. We might do this again, it was so much fun.


Jessica said...

Which science museum? We usually go to SD once every three years or so, and if Jon has a break in his schedule in August I want to go down.

colleeeen said...

The Fleet Science Center, in Balboa Park. It's very kid-oriented but we adults still enjoyed it. We went on Friday afternoon, and after 2:00 or so, when the field trips left, we had the place almost to ourselves. The kids had a great time.