Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to Abnormal

D is now refusing to move, because he doesn't want to commit to a lease and then have to break it when he gets fired and we have to relocate to Colorado or wherever on earth he finds a new job. I occasionally feel as if I am losing my mind, but those moments only come when I think too hard about all of this and allow frustration to win the battle against calmness. I stay up late at night and forward job listings to him, but I don't think he's sending resumes. I can only do so much to spur him before it will start backfiring on me. I am back to formulating worst-case scenario backups like I was doing last fall.

On the upside, I have cleaned A LOT of stuff out of the house. I mean a LOT. I have bags and bags under a tarp in the side yard, destined for a yard sale or thrift store donation. I have several boxes full of stuff to sell online. We're streamlining the boys' toy collections (they've grown out of quite a few of them anyway) and the "grow into" clothes for them as well.

Out of all of this chaos, we will make something good. The panic is subsiding and now I am back to a sense of purpose.

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