Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Like I've Taken a Verbal Emetic

There is so very much to complain about, and I am going to attempt to write about it all without sounding too shrill or self-pitying. UGH.

Our landlord is broke. Like, living off of loans from his parents broke. The pipes are capped, the water is on, but since the asbestos mitigation people left NOTHING else has been done or fixed. The boys room has no flooring, only concrete, the drywall is off both sides of the wall between their room and the bathroom, so only wall studs provide any sense of separation. He can't get anybody to come and fix anything because he can't promise them he'll pay them if something goes wrong with the insurance claim. I've told him to make sure he includes loss of rent in the claim, because at the MINIMUM we want $500 off of this month's rent. We are screwed, I think.

We are trying to find another house to rent, but stuff in our price range is rare. There are a couple of options up in the canyons that we're going to look at very soon. Of course, that brings up the newfound anxiety about D's job and exactly how much longer he might HAVE a job. Even if the fellow selling that mobile home decides he wants to sell, I don't know if we'd feel safe enough at this point to buy it. Nothing has come from meeting with the headhunter, so either the wheels of hiring turn slow or things are not nearly as rosy as D was led to believe. I'm trying to network for him as best I can.

My college semester started this week. Through a combination of having no internet in Montana, not particularly great registration priority, and an intense amount of student demand, I failed to get into any Trigonometry classes before they were all filled up. I hired a babysitter and went to four different sections to try to add - there were enough people attempting to add that the college could have easily filled another section, but they are on a budget freeze and can't add any new classes. There were THIRTY people trying to add the 7 pm class I went to last night. All this in the middle of a heat wave with no air conditioning. Yeah!

I am not defeated quite yet - my Algebra professor from last semester is going to talk to the woman teaching the 9 am class (the one that would let me be in school while Eli is!) and ask her to add me in if anybody drops in the next two weeks. He tried to get me into the 7 pm class, but that didn't work out. I owe him a box of cookies, at least. He's a pretty great guy and I wouldn't mind having him as a friend outside of school as well, but for now the student/teacher thing is probably still a wee issue. If I have the chance to take him again for another math class, I would definitely do so. The bright side is that by not having to take a nighttime Trig class, I can keep my nighttime guitar class (I wouldn't take two night classes, that's asking too much of my family).

In the area of other small disasters (it's like an aggregate boulder of small disappointments and setbacks), Paul will probably end up needing that chipped front tooth fixed quite a few more times before he is old enough for a more permanent fix. I'm already mentally adding up the expense of fixing it annually for the next 10 years. And yesterday D was rear-ended while driving our Subaru to work - they hit the rear corner of the car and spun him around. It's an inconvenience, but since we were thinking about selling it I'm now kind of hoping our insurance company just declares it totaled (please please please).

Phew. I think I feel better after vomiting all that out.

I am trying to think of any good news to offset all of this with and aside from the platitude of "D still has a job, we are all healthy," I am coming up short. I know we will survive all of this, but my inner Pollyanna is having a tough time of it. Phew!

Tell me a funny story in the comments!


seth said...

I don't know if there is a job for Dan here, but I suggest moving to Indiana.

christine said...

not a funny story, but at least distracting: Went to get socks for Spencer yesterday AM, and found a dead fish in the drawer! Apparently the biggest of the goldfish committed suicide during the night. That was quite a shock, but I'm just thankful he actually wore socks that day, otherwise who knows when I would have noticed it!

Stephanie said...

Once there was a girl who had lots of bad things happen to her, but she had a lovely family and good friends and so when she would vomit, she would vomit rainbows and butterflies.

The end.

Jessica said...

Oy. Vay.

Rachel said...

This morning I saw a little old lady in a lavendar velour jumpsuit pushing a wee white dog in a stroller. That proves it...the world is awesome.

It will all come back around. It always does.

Julia Harps said...

take time to meditate everyday. breathe deep. You have a ton you are dealing with.

Kimba said...

Did I ever tell you about the time that Sabrina asked me what "DIP" stands for? She noticed the sign before one of the many on Philadelphia and guessed it was an acronym, but wasn't sure what it stood for, so she started making her own up. She settled on "Department of Independent President"... so now that she knows what "DIP" is, we always call out the "Department of Independent Presidents" whenever we drive to the grocery store.

We'd never recognize what's good in our lives without the bad. Makes us really appreciate what we've got, or at least it should. In the meantime- joke about it after crying. That's what gets me through it all.

By the way I love Christine's and Rachel's comments... oh and rainbow vomit too... haha

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful story about marriage, pots and pans, being lustful and eagerly desirous, and "loveful", which isn't a word, I know, but rounds out the story nicely. It actually isn't as funny as if you were there when it all happened, but I think you might enjoy it when I talk to you next, which might be right about now