Monday, August 23, 2010

The Monday To-Do List

1. Schedule dentist appointment for Paul so they can super-glue his tooth back together (Grandparents' concrete driveway + a razor scooter + general kid foolishness).
2. Drive over to Anaheim to get copies of our medical records.
3. Schedule a Dr. appointment for me, ASAP.
4. Arrange for many, many hours of babysitting this week so I can go beg to be allowed into a Trigonometry class.
5. Chuck out more stuff in case everything goes wrong and we have to downsize. Pack, too.
6. Make new copies of the house key, since my landlord has apparently lost his.
7. Attempt to get hold of my landlord and find out when he's coming back to finish the plumbing repairs. His phone will almost certainly go straight to voicemail, and he'll call me when I'm at the medical records office, saying "Where are you? I'm at the house."

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