Tuesday, August 10, 2010

O, Despair!

I am burned out. We have a leak in a pipe in the wall between the bathroom and the boys' room. I have spent eight days being chipper about only being able to turn the water on for ten minutes every day. I've been flushing the toilets with buckets of water from the spa. I've moved everything out of the boys' room and into the living room of our 1350 square foot house. The boys are sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and as I type this the asbestos removal crew is in their room scraping out the flooring and ripping out the drywall. We've managed, and been fairly upbeat through it all, even when you throw car trouble into the mix.

But I am also angry and insulted. Our landlord has lost us, over a 20-minute plumbing repair that he dragged his feet on for eight days. This is why we're looking hard at buying that mobile - I'm sick of living at somebody else's mercy, and I won't make us slaves to a mortgage on a ridiculously overpriced house that stands pretty much zero chance of appreciating any time soon. I talked to my mother-in-law on the phone today and she thinks a mobile is a bad idea, tells me to just keep praying and that a house will come to me on the Lord's time. It was a bad idea to talk to her; she kept making pioneer analogies and told me this is a trial of my faith and that I just needed to focus on making sure my grandchildren were prepared for the Last Days, and that the economy won't get better ever again because this is a sign of The End Times. Sigh.

I do not like it when I start to feel trapped. It makes me afraid, prone to crying, and unpleasant to live with. I wish I had answers to my prayers.


thefoxkids said...

take a big deep breath!!! weather or not you guys decide to go with the Trailer or not things will be OK!!!
i'm kinda with you on the housing market i would be really scard to buy anything in S. CA right now...

also remember, your mil who loves you allot might have her own predjuices abou trailer parks etc. etc. and although she has every good intention doesn't hold all of the keys to receive revelation for YOUR FAMILY!!!

we have had to make some decisions that both our parents questioned.. some of them they were right about others worked out just the way they should have.. so take her opinion into consideration BUT don't have it be the last word!!!

big hugs to you.. sometimes prayers are answered but just not the way we want them to be...

liannallama said...

(((HUGS))) to you! Sorry it is so hard right now. Lots of people love living in mobile homes and there are some really nice ones out there.

Remember that they are more like cars than houses when you are considering that they depreciate instead of having them gain value like houses usually do. Good luck whatever you decide.

Stephanie said...

Love you tons. You will continue to make good decisions in your life! I have faith in you.

Kimba said...

Colleen, peace will come to you if you let go of the fears about the future. It is one thing to be prepared, it is another to let your worry and frustration completely dictate your direction. What happens is going to happen and you'll weather the storm if it comes to that, but chances are- it won't come to that. Whatever makes you happy and makes it possible for your family to have joy is the right decision. If that decision leads you to buy a mobile home, then sobeit-

Most people who've not lived in a trailer park have hangups about them. The only hangups that matter are your own.