Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Course.

I was over the mental hurdle. I kept bicycling through the park at different times, interviewing people about how they like living there (about 5 to 1 in favor, and that 1 was a pretty grumpy guy whose reasons for hating the park were pretty much his own fault). I was planning the decor - I was going to make it sooo modern, I have GREAT ideas! We had an appointment for a second viewing and were going to apply for financing - we had decided to put 50% down to get a better rate and shorter loan terms. We were already planning to take 6 months off in 2015 so we could hike the Pacific Crest Trail with the boys.

And today... the seller decided to take it off the market. Of course! Something about some nonsense with his job - he's supposed to know in the next two weeks whether he's going to list it again. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH.

But I'm decided. I met the park manager, who lives there and thinks it's great. Her adult son likes it so much he owns a unit in the park, too. I met the HOA president, a smart and friendly guy, and he says he has fantastic neighbors. I met one of those neighbors and she was as friendly as anybody comes and obviously takes great pride in keeping up her home. The Pres says their financial reserves are high, they only have one household that's delinquent in paying their dues/rent (remember we won't have rent, only dues). So the HOA appears to be in good shape, even after a few years of recession. He says they haven't raised the space rent in three years, haven't raised the HOA dues in 6 years, but that in three or four years they might raise them a bit. He says as long as the economy is bad it would be a poor idea to raise any costs.

So I'm pretty much sold now. And so we wait. AGAIN.


christine said...

Offer a little above the asking price, see if you can entice him into re-listing. In the mean time, get to purging!!!!

thefoxkids said...

does the seller know he has a solid offer comming??? I think I would smell something fishy maybe not with the seller but with the agent??? but I'm kinda prone to conspiracys but regardless wait then jump... sounds like you've thought this through all the way.. it will all come together regardless..

FoxFamily said...

Well that is a bummer. I am sorry that you have to do the waiting game again!