Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ad hoc, ad loc and quid pro quo!

So little time, so much to know!

Got into the Trig class. FRANK GONZALEZ IS AWESOME. He lobbied for me and got me a spot. I spent most of yesterday doing catch-up homework and watching Trig lectures at Khan Academy.

Regarding D's job, we are still in a holding pattern. He is not confident, but still does the best he can and we stay hopeful that something good will come our way before they fire him. I am still doing all of the "behind the scene" work that I can. I encourage him to ride his bike and play basketball most mornings, because physical activity is good for mental health.

I might might might have a very part-time job. It's in entertainment (no, I won't have to take off my clothes) so I have to officially audition, but I think the guy I've been emailing with likes me. If I get it I'll fill you in on the goofy details. It should bring in $300-$500 extra a month and be fun, too.

I bought a USB condenser microphone. It was 50% off at Target and came with audio software that I've been trying to figure out in my spare time. The directions that came with it are terrible! When I finally know what I'm doing, I'll record me playing some songs so you can hear that I'm not completely awful. I'm doing it because without fail, when I answer ads on craigslist for people looking for music partners they ALWAYS ask "Do you have a MySpace?" MySpace has become extremely popular for bands & musicians to upload & share their work. So I guess I'll have to get digital if I ever want to find collaborators. Bleh.

My guitar class is good. All guitar teachers I have ever met are strange people - in the good sense of the word. Randy, my new teacher, is no exception. He's good, and his approach to class management is very personal. My only gripe is that I don't really fall in with the beginners, but I'm not ready to sit with the repeat students either. I suspect that I will get what I want out of this class, though - to move past chords and into being able to play very basic music by sight, plus gain a better understanding of the structure of music. Fingers crossed!

Paul started Cub Scouts earlier this year and yesterday he had his first Pack Meeting after taking most of summer off. He earned a bunch of belt loops, some pins and a patch and is pleased as punch about it (did I get enough alliteration into that sentence?). We also got his ^%$#@& standardized test scores last month and as much as I hate the tests I am still really proud of how well he did.

Eli is still challenging, but we're making great strides. He is very excited about Kindergarten but I am heartbroken that Sr. Wright is not teaching morning Kinder anymore, and so Eli won't be in his class.

Still no word on the mobile home, BUT there is a damaged one in the park whose owner isn't paying space rent. The HOA will eventually give him the boot. We might be able to pick up the trailer for next to nothing, fix it up and purchase a share so we won't have to pay rent. It's all a big "maybe" for now.


christine said...

Jeremy Hilary Boob, PhD. Better known as nowhere man.

Sorry, just felt proud that I caught the reference!

Jessica said...

I get tired just reading about your life!

Ken said...

"I might might might have a very part-time job. It's in entertainment (no, I won't have to take off my clothes)"
That was hilarious!
You really just put it all out there. I'd say our life is just as crazy, we're just way more guarded.
Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. thanks for sharing.