Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the Band Played On

Everything is humming along. School is going well for the boys so far. My first impression of Paul's teacher seems unfounded; he is very happy so far, although this morning I discovered his allegedly finished homework was NOT finished. I pay him $1 a week for doing his "job" (school) well, so I deducted 25 cents and told him he would have to face the consequences today at school. Eli is really not having any more adjustment troubles than your average 5-year-old does.

Regarding the house -D and I both have mixed feelings about it - wondering if we jumped on it because it seemed like a strong possibility, not because we love it. Just cold feet, or is it an unconscious sign? I wish, wish, wish it was on the sunny side of the canyon. I'm concerned it will be very cold in winter, and that my garden will be very puny. I reassure myself that if any really awful problems come up during inspection we can always back out, and if we get it and then decide we really aren't ready to be back in the canyons we can always rent it out. We are so indecisive and flip-floppy.

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Kimba said...

Got to trust the gut... if it says get out.... go.