Thursday, September 09, 2010

Deja Vu

There's another house. It's a short sale, so by the time our offer gets approved or denied we may know a wee bit more about our future.

It's in Silverado. It's a funky house, but totally workable for us. I feel very calm, very zen; I'm doing well at suppressing the hopefulness. I'm researching comparable sales to get an idea of what to offer.

Still no news about the mobile home. I'm bummed; that would have been so much more convenient and made such good economic sense for us. Sigh.

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Kimba said...

How does it work if you make an offer? Do you have any wiggle room in the discovery phase, like for instance, say the foundation sucks or you discover it is being gnawed on by every termite in town? Does the bank say, yes, we accept your offer and then let you haggle from there, or is it more like the bank takes your offer, gets back to you and says "take it or leave it, as is, at that price" ?