Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Slightly Different This Time

The front of the house, which is really the back. Canyon houses is nuts. The wee short door on the left opens into the crawlspace.

The seller has accepted our offer on the house. Since this is a short sale, that means now they have to submit the offer to the bank along with proof of hardship & a whole bunch of other nonsense. The window of time for the bank to accept the offer is from now until December 31st, which is bat-doodoo crazy but that's how the game is played. If something better comes up or if Dan becomes unemployed we can rescind our offer.

Since the timing is awful (Eli just started school!), we may do some fix-ups and then rent it out for a year or two. The mortgage payment will be low enough that we could rent it out and even make a modest profit. It was built in 1929 and it's a canyon house, so oddities abound and repairs are necessary. The sub-floors upstairs need to be replaced, at least in most of the rooms, but we can do some of that ourselves. The carpeting needs to come out anyway; it reeks of dog or cat pee. Of course there's termite damage, it just remains to bee seen how bad it is. The "street" it's on isn't even a street - it's a walkway easement that cuts away from the narrow main road. Upstairs, there are French doors that lead to nothingness - a two-story fall to your death. They will be nailed shut until we come up with a plan. There is an honest-to-goodness secret room under one of the bedrooms, with a trap door and a passageway into the garage. The crawlspace has a door and children can stand up in it - the boys already want it for their own. The ceilings in the downstairs rooms are low. We will gradually replace the shingle siding with Hardie board - we have to be fire-aware!

The back of the house, which is really the front. It's also the first floor and the top floor.
To get to the front door from the driveway, you could walk up one of two stone staircases that flank the house. One of the staircases will need re-building.

It's weird and charming, like most canyon houses. Our agent is very confident, but of course I have learned most painfully that hope only leads to disappointment, so I am viewing it strictly as a business opportunity that may or may not happen.


Jessica said...

As strange as it sounds to say it, it sounds perfect for you and yours!

Kristin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love old houses. I think it sounds amazing. And, what fun for the boys!!!

Stephanie said...

I love secret rooms - and fixing something like that up might actually be fun! Good luck.

Just FYI - we just had someone move into our ward who waited 2 years (!!!) for their short sale to come through. I think I would have given up before then.

Julia Harps said...


Kimba said...

I'm a strong believer in "if it is meant to be, it is meant to be"

I know things will work out for you one way or another. If not this place, than a better one.

Hang in there.

sleepless said...

You do get yourself into some interesting adventures/predicaments !!