Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have no solution, and it's driving me batty. I need to solve problems. The boys' room is still not fixed, another month's rent is due tomorrow and I have to decide how much (if any) we will pay. Then we will go through the farce of Landlord Jeff pretending that he will fix the room and wheedling the rent out of me. Thank goodness I wrote our rental contract; I should have altered the language about how quickly he can evict us. Although he'd be a fool to evict us with the room not fixed - how could he get new tenants with the place in this condition?

I have been searching and searching for temporary living quarters, thinking maybe we can just put the non-essentials in storage and wait to hear about the Silverado place.

At this point I am seriously ready to buy an old travel trailer, I just don't know where we could park it and sleep in it. I have an ad on craigslist, looking for a mother-in-law house or a garage apartment, and an email out to our Relief Society seeing if anybody knows anybody who has any ideas or options for us.


Stephanie said...

Urrhgh. I feel for you. I am giving your landlord a mental wedgie as I write this - he deserves at least that.

Good luck. You are always welcome to wait out things in Phoenix.

Kimba said...

That man is a piece of work. Document all you do- as far as the costs and physical labor, in case you need to legally guard yourselves. Take pictures too.

Good luck!