Monday, October 25, 2010

My Plate Overfloweth

I'm now officially the new singer for a local band.  We're shooting for rehearsals one night a week. 

I have a Trig exam on Thursday. I'm back to just hoping for a B in the class.

I've agreed to tutor a girl in our ward in Spanish.  Her dad is an electrician so I'm hoping I can barter for electrical services at the new house.

We close in a week.  I need to pick out paint colors (I'm limited to No-VOC palettes, which is good because I'm already overwhelmed).  Everything is going semi-gloss or eggshell for ease of cleaning. 

Paul is improving.  I'm not sure what we're doing right, but we're trying.  Have I ever told you what a sweet, generous, thoughtful boy he is?  I often tell him I'm not sure what I did to deserve a boy as good-hearted as him.

Eli had a great week - only one day of "mal," and four days of "excelente."  He still amazes us with his quick little mind.  He was nagging us yesterday about playing Wii, and I finally told him he wasn't even allowed to say the word "Wii."  So he paused for half a second and then said "What if I'm going down a slide and I say 'Whee?'"  A lawyer for sure.


Stephanie said...

Make sure to breathe. Love you to pieces!

Jessica said...

Wheeeeeee! Yep, I think you'd better be saying that, too, because you are on one wild ride!