Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My internet has been very wonky this week.  Ultrafast update:

Paid 75% of rent.  Landlord not pleased, threatens legal action.  Not scared, but my stomach doesn't like it anyway.

We're waiting to be approved by the mobile home park, which is incredibly funny to me.  Criminal background check and all that.  Inspection is next week.

Still have not officially canceled the offer on the Silverado house; will do that as soon as we are approved by the park. 

Totally, totally behind on my Trig homework.  Will catch up. Dropped guitar class; I just don't have any evenings to spare right now. 

Paul is still spacy.  His teacher is actually taking it seriously and we will meet with the school psych to try and formulate a more effective plan than behaviour contracts.

Eli is getting bad reports from school - talking, disobeying, hyperactive.  He kicked a kid who was in his way.  We're working on a reward/consequence system. 

I have a new niece!  Violet Dale Thompson.  She's beautiful and once my life calms down I hope to see much more of her. 


Jessica said...

Kids. Can't live with 'em, not allowed to mail them to their grandparents.

Stephanie said...

Annie's still having behavior issues. The smart ones always do. Positive reinforcement has been our friend. Good luck.