Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Farewell My Tomato Vine

We are almost done.  We still need to swap out the refrigerators, move the only patio furniture I'm keeping, and get the last dregs of garage stuff.  I've dug up a few plants that I have no intention of leaving, and I may dig up a few more today.  Even if I just give them away, leaving them to be neglected is not acceptable.  I'm going to donate quite a few to the boys' school - the PTA is trying to beautify the grounds.  Maybe they'd like my California natives; I'm worried that if I leave them there the next residents will kill them by watering them at the wrong time.  I dug up the yams I'd planted in the front yard, and I have enough to fill a gallon plant pot - not bad for planting four sad little sprouty yams.  The tomato vines are all pulled out and trashed, the anaheim chiles are pulled up and I may try to hang them somewhere to ripen them and start drying them.  My pasilla bajio chiles refuse to turn brown and I am losing patience! 

Thank goodness other people will be feeding us for Thanksgiving.  Although I am tempted to make some yams...

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