Monday, November 01, 2010

It's Blitz

Get the keys today.  I biked over yesterday morning and measured my dirt - I have close to 400 square feet of usable dirt that gets sunlight.  I'll try to stick to a tightly planned layout a la Square Foot Gardening. 

I have heard absolutely nothing from our landlord.  The rent is due today, but with no evidence that our deposit exists I'm not sure what to do.  I may pedal over to our bank and deposit the rent into an escrow-type account to hold in his name until we see that the deposit exists.

Lots of work to do.  Boring blogging ahead!


Jessica said...

I'm trying to save you a bucket of rabbit droppings for you housewarming present. So at least once in your life, you can say someone handed you a bucket of sh!+, and really mean it.

Jessica said...

(I mean, like, in a *good* way.)

colleeeen said...

Oh, I can't type enough "ha ha ha's" to show just how amused I am. How's the rabbit farming going? We have a friend in our ward who wants to start doing it.

Jessica said...

I have the world's only platonic rabbits. From what I can tell, they really are one male and one female, but beyond a few amorous attempts made when I first introduced them, there has been no action. Who knew even a rabbit could tell a guy "I really like you, but not in *that* way"?