Sunday, November 07, 2010

O Frabjous Day

It is only frabjous because last week is over.  Good heavens. 

I have been moving 2-3 Suburban-fulls over to the new place every day, plus vacuuming mice poo out of the kitchen drawers & cabinets, then disinfecting them.  It was so hot last week I ended up with migraines more than once.  Plus I'm still on penicillin for a lovely infection I was lucky enough to develop.  And D was home exactly one night.  It was a crap, crap, crap week.

BUT yesterday we (well, mostly D) pretty much got the living room floor fixed.  The floor is two different colors (we couldn't get a perfect match that would also click in correctly) but it doesn't look terrible and what's much more important is that we got it done way under budget because the new windows are almost certainly going to go way OVER budget.  Yuck.  Dan wants to get as much as possible done before we move in, but I can't see how we can do that without getting ripped off by contractors, who can always sense when you're in a hurry.  I can be patient. 

Once the floor is fixed, we can start moving in furniture.  Tomorrow I'll be building a queen sized bed frame that we can store more stuff underneath.  I want to build loft beds for the boys, but D isn't confident that the walls can support them.  I will ask around and figure out how the interior walls are constructed - if they're framed up like normal house walls then I'm going forward with the loft bed plans. 

The boys are ridiculous monkeys and E has made it very clear to me that he loves Daddy about 10 times more than he loves me - he put it into quantities, even.  P, ever my loving little comforter, assures me that he loves me just as much as he loves Daddy, then whispers to me that at times he does not love E very much.  I told him that sometimes E is very difficult to love, but we have to do it anyway. 

E, who claims he barely loves me, has just climbed into my lap and asked me to cuddle with him.  I was feeling flattered and loved, until I found out that he just finished fighting with Daddy and expects me to be nicer to him.  Sigh.


Jessica said...

Hee hee! Oh, I remember those days of early childhood. I miss them when you describe them. But just a little.

Stephanie said...

E loves you. He has just figured out the subtle art of pitting the parents against each other. Whenever Annie says that she loves Daddy more than she loves me, I tell her that I love Daddy more than I love her (and I mean it, too!). She gets all snarky after I tell her that and I have to tell her that I have enough room in my heart to love two really amazing people.

Boy am I glad your hell week is over. I wish you the best in the move. Wish I could be there to watch your boys and sew curtains. Hopefully we can get together when we are in town after Christmas.