Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Trig is over - an unbelievable 92% on the final exam kept me at 90% for the class. I am wiped out.

Now on to getting the house in order.  I've rebuilt the raised beds in my wee little yard and filled them with 22 bags of homemade compost and store-bought topsoil.  They are not even halfway full, so I'll have to see where I can source some herbicide-free straw bales to fill them in with.  But first and foremost is getting the dining room/office set up to be useable.

The singing gig is going well so far.  I'm learning the songs and we're starting to gel together and determine a course.  These guys have been playing for years - Dave (the guitarist and male singer) was a professional at one point, but I don;t know about Dan (our bassist) .  They've had a casual cover band going for years, but they wanted to start doing original songs and their current singer isn't interested in pursuing original stuff, so that's why they were shopping for a new singer.  They've also found a drummer who wants to commit and rehearse regularly, so he's getting up to speed now as well. They are shooting for our first gig to be at the end of February, at a local wine bar.  Not too shabby.  I'll let you all know.

I am taking Fundamentals of Music for the spring - an easy refresher class that will allow me some breathing room while we settle in and I focus on the singing for a while.

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Jessica said...

You're putting me to shame, my dear. I keep plugging through this pharmacy tech course, but I'm not retaining much. (Of course, considering how often I catch the materials being flat-out incorrect, that may not be a bad thing...) Post pictures so I can duly admire!