Monday, March 29, 2010

I Got Nothin'

The continuing limbo and seemingly endless false alarms are killing my soul. We *might* at least have an answer about who is buying the company by the end of this week, which *might* give us some insight into how safe D's job is.

I have delayed planting anything. I think I will just keep transferring plants to larger containers - that way if all ends up being safe and we then relocate up to the canyons, I'll be able to take my veggies with me and plant them there. Or, if D loses his job I can sell/give away the plants if we end up going vagabond. I doubt I'll have any trouble finding homes for the chickens; many generous friends have already offered to take them.

We might be baptizing Paul on May 29th. I'm going to sew him baptism clothes - just simple drawstring pants and a pullover shirt. Maybe I'll get ambitious and sew some for D as well, but I'm not banking on it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yet another plot is brewing. We're just going to look for a rental up in the canyons, and then invest in property someplace we want to live once we can afford to leave OC. The big problem with buying in the canyons is that anything affordable has an agent that wants all-cash offers. We don't have $175k lying around. Anything in finance-able condition is over our self-imposed cap of $300k. Plus there's a high fire risk and in some cases homes are only insurable through the state insurance programs. Ick. So renting is looking like our best alternative.

I found a very promising 2/1 for $1675 this weekend; Dan will go up and see it at lunch today. We also attended a "Welcome to the World" party for our friends Andrew & Laurel's new baby, Gryphon. While at that party, we started chatting with their friend Annemarie, who owns some rental properties in Modjeska Canyon. See where this is going? Turns out she has a 1000 sf 2-bedroom she rents for $1600 and the tenant is probably going to give notice in the next month or so.

Modjeska Canyon is nice. I wouldn't mind it at all. We'll have to downsize, but we'd have to do that even if we bought a place. And paying less money in rent every month will make it much easier to swing a small payment on whatever faraway property we end up buying, and still keep up with our savings. I feel very peaceful with this idea - the only potential snag would be if Annemarie's tenant decides to stay.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I should keep stats on my GDP, but I'd probably just end up mortified at how lazy I actually am.

Today's big project: cutting out dozens of fabric circles, to properly and safely store my beautiful china that I will never use. Well, I might get daring and use it for the adults on Easter. I would like to sew bags for the china as well - a bag for the stacked bowls, a bag for each set of plates, etc.

This is my china (sorry Julia, I know how much you covet it):

It's Royal Doulton's "Desert Star" pattern, from the 1950's. It's one of my greatest thrift store finds, and at $125 it was one of my biggest splurges as well. This picture doesn't even do it justice. I *love* this china. I have eight full settings. I even had the coffeepot and lid, until Eli thought it would be a great idea to kick the box it was in and knock it off the couch. It's a miracle that kid is still alive.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally! Planting!

First round of spring seeds went in the mini greenhouses today. Planted:

Scarlet runner beans (to cover the trellises I'm putting in front of the south-facing windows), triomphe de farcy bush beans, soyu cucumbers, pasilla bajio chiles, NuMex Joe Parker chiles, persimmon tomatoes, red & yellow brandywines.

Next round will be: trionfo violetto pole beans (thanks for the tip, Jessica), New Zealand Spinach, "butterbean" soybeans, clary sage, mitsuba, and some herbs yet to be decided upon. And oh! The blue corn needs to get started! I still have all of last summer's harvest saved up.

We are considering making a land purchase in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, outside of Fresno. That way if Dan decides to go back to school we can park a trailer on our acres and live super cheap for a couple of years. No matter what, we could keep it as a retirement property. We're trying to cycle through as many options as we can think up.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh, Even *I* am Sick of Me.

Enough whining!

I am happy tonight because Dan installed a new OS on my com-pooter and it actually WORKS again! I have been conducting my online affairs through the TV in the living room, which mostly stunk except that Dan installed some sweeet speakers and I can listen to purty music out there.

So I cleared out the (I am not kidding) over 600 unread (and unimportant) emails in my inbox, and I am now SITTING IN A CHAIR rather than standing up with my head turned up at an awkward angle. I can catch up on my beloved friends' blogs (the links are all saved here, not on the TV server) and waste time in a different room. Satisfied sigh.

Now I have to go plant some seeds!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Good Enough!

I cheated, I admit it, but I pared down my time-wasting significantly and that is a win in itself.

I wish I could say that on top of studying algebra like a madwoman and practicing guitar I was also incredibly productive, but the truth is that the house is a disaster, the yard is covered in chicken droppings, almost every article of clothing is dirty and I have my work cut out for me during Spring Break - firewood choppin', new coop-buildin', garden clearin', and . At least I have my mini greenhouse cells filled with soil and most of the seeds picked out, even though I am sooooo late in getting this started.

Yeah, you heard me, I ain't goin' nowhere. I can't think of anybody who can watch Eli for 5 days on what I can afford to offer. It looks like poor Dan will be subjected to the nauseating martyr act several times this summer. It is fundamentally unfair that he can take time off from work and I cannot because I am unpaid labor. I should make a "time off" jar and start filling it in with all the times I have stayed home while he has gone off without me for a re-charge in the mountains. Then I'll cash it all in someday. I could go away all summer long by the time that's an option.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Ze internet, she is a black hole of time for me. I have an al-jibra exam next week, a sort of guitar performance (at E's preschool), and I have to figure out what I'm going to do with my kids so I can go on some sort of vacation for my spring break* - not to mention figuring out what I'm going to DO for said Spring Break. I'm thinking of stringing together a couple of overnight backpacking trips to local areas I haven't made it to yet. It's too cold to head to four corners or the higher local mountains, so I'm thinking the semi-desert ranges.

So adieu for seven days, friends. If you see me on Facebook, slap me (textually).

*I am going off for Spring Break because Dan currently plans to abandon me for 7+ days this summer to do half of the John Muir Trail with a friend. Rather than put on the martyr act, which I am nauseatingly good at, I need to carve out my own opportunities for kid-free recreation.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Maybe not technically yet, but it TOTALLY IS. I have two 72-unit plastic mini greenhouses that need to get filled up with soil and seeds! I should have done it last month, but I bought a few tomato seedlings to make up for my laziness. Ohhhhhh tomatoes, how I love thee.