Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Not Even Close

I am not ready. At all.

We survived the Annual Clemens Family Beach Campout, but came home to problems with the drainage pipe from the washing machine. My dear friend Connie let me come over and wash our clothes at her house. I am not packed, the house is a disaster (DISASTER!). I still have flowers to plant before I leave. I have bags and bags of recycling to turn in for pocket change on the trip up.

Monday was Dan's birthday. I let him buy himself a bike - a fairly fancy road bike like he's always wanted. He's very happy, but now he has to have the self-discipline to get up early and ride it. We live right on the Aliso Creek Trail (within spitting distance of pictures 5 and 6), so he has quite a long and safe playground to use it on. It has clip-in pedals, which he's never had before, and he loves it. He also bought me a much less fancy bike that I can use for around-town errands and towing Eli in a trailer. I've been riding a too-small thrift-store mountain bike for years now and the new bike is SOOO nice.

Now we just have to teach Paul to ride. He's really intimidated, but he has to learn.