Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Available in a Mojo-Free Edition

Meh.  I am feckless.

I've figured out what we're doing about the desktops.  They'll be slab doors, 30"x96", birch hardboard which I'll stain white & varnish.  Cabinets?  No solution yet. 

I haven't wanted to bore you to tears, so blogging is slow for now.  It will pick up when I have wonderful exciting things to show you.  Someday.


Jessica said...

IKEA cabinets?

Stephanie said...

We are putting in IKEA cabinets. They are actually a lot nicer looking than they are on the website. We just went with the El Cheapo ones without any fanciness - and they are sturdy and happy looking. They do take some doing to put them together - but I think it's worth it.

Good luck! And . . . never boring. Love you!

colleeeen said...

It's a height issue - standard desk height is 27.5" of clearance underneath. IKEA cabinets, without the legs, are 29.13" tall, but some kind of wee stub must be put under them so the cabinet doors will open without scraping the floor, so that raises the height underneath close to 30". It doesn't sound like much, but ergonomics is fairly important to me. I don't want sore wrists & elbows from working at a height that isn't right.

sleepless said...

would your feckless be 1.feeble;ineffectual or 2.careless;irresponsible ? somehow I don't see you as any of the above !