Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I Love Paul

Paul had his initial appointment with the psychologist, and she needed to question him without me in the room, so I went outside and sat at the door so I could eavesdrop.  I don't leave my child alone with strangers, even if they have Ph.D's.  She got to the subject of school and asked him what he doesn't like about his school, and he gave her a few reasonable answers.  Then she asked him what he likes about school.

Paul: "I really like that everybody can go to my school."

Psych: "What do you mean?"

Paul: "You know - people used to have to go to different schools, and they had to use different drinking fountains.  I'm glad it isn't like that anymore, and everybody can go to my school."

Of course he completely missed what she was getting at, but I just melted a little bit listening to what a sweet heart he has.  What a good kid.


thefoxkids said...

this kid is SMART!!! it obviously "got to him" when they spoke about MLK day just last week!!! and i am so with you about leaving you kid with strangers.. even Phd's (i did the SAME thing!)
you go mom!!!

Kathryn said...

Wow! What an answer! That is smart! Interesting though that they questionned him without you in the room. In all the meetings we had with a psychologist prior to our 9 yr old being diagnosed and now while we are seeing one for our 5 yr old, not once has there been a session where they asked me to leave the room.

colleeeen said...

I think it's just her method, it didn't bother me at all. Of course kids are going to edit their answers a bit more when they know their parents are listening.

liannallama said...

that is so sweet and cute!

Stephanie said...

Awww. Proud mommy moment for sure.

courtney said...

thats why we all love paul! he is so smart

sleepless said... are teaching good things !