Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sweet progress. Dan & I installed three wall cabinets yesterday that run the length of one of the dining room walls.  The remaining three should be installed today. They are just cookie-cutter in-stock cabinets from Home Despot, but the price was right and they actually look very nice. I'll customize them later with knobs and maybe a little paint special effects.  Here's a stock photo:

We got some really promising ideas for the desktop - apparently we can special-order laminate countertops in whatever depth we want, which is AWESOME because the stuff I thought would work from Ikea turned out to be the wrong dimensions. Yay!

I want a pattern, because the desktops will inevitably end up getting pencil marks & other smudges on them. So I'm leaning toward a subtle vintage pattern from Formica called VirrVarr:


I'll probably end up going with the first one. In the brochure the second print is much bluer, and I'm trying to keep the workspaces as neutral as possible. I'll add color with paint & accessories, and I  want the workspaces to visually retreat, not overwhelm the room. I want my grandmother's lovely table & chairs to be the focal point.

Against the third wall I will eventually have this armoire from Ikea, which will serve as a china, linen and sewing fabric cabinet:
 I know it's a lot of white, but I don't want to mix any more wood tones into the room. We already have a beautiful antique wood table & chairs, plus a different wood tone in the flooring. I think anything else large in a different wood tone would be too much. 

I still have no idea what color I'll paint the walls.  I plan on hanging whiteboards and making a custom Homasote bulletin board for the walls underneath the cabinets, so it remains to be seen how much of the actual walls will even show once I'm done with all of this.


Julia Harps said...

you are amazing woman!

colleeeen said...

Aaaargh. The Formica would cost $735, blowing the budget completely out of the water. Back to the drawing board.

Kimba said...

It sounds like things are coming together for you. It'll be great when you guys can feel like you've reached the level of comfort you hope for.

sleepless said...

I LOVE a good project !! So like your dad !