Saturday, February 12, 2011

It Were Me Birthday

I took the day off yesterday and went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs with me mum.  I have never been to a spa in my life, but they let you in free on your birthday so we went and sat in the stinky sulfur mineral pools and I smeared clay on myself and rinsed it off in another stinky pool and wasted some money on a facial (It felt nice, but I'm not sure it was worth it) and sat in more hot pools.  Then I scooped up the boys & Dan & my dear friends the Wilsons (who are contemplating abandoning us for Idaho, which I am attempting to be gracious about) and forced them all to try a new Afghan restaurant that just opened a few blocks from us. 

If you know me well, you know that I have certain struggles with church.  We have friends at church, but not really FRIENDS - you know, the kind of friends you call just to call and you really start to miss if you haven't seen them for a week and who think to call you if they're doing something they think you'd like to do with them.  And then Connie & Darrell moved in and we hit it off, not just individually but as a couple and it's been so frigging awesome to have FRIENDS for the last year & a half. Connie will never read this (I adore her but she's just not into reading blogs), so I can agonize about them leaving without fear that she'll see this and feel guilty.  A tantalizing job opportunity for Darrell has appeared in Idaho and I can't blame them for thinking really hard about taking it if it's offered.  It's looking like a strong possibility it might happen.  So I'm struggling with a wee bit of agony.  Heck, Connie is struggling with a wee bit of agony!    I'm trying not to think about how lonely it will be to have them gone and trying to figure out how on earth we're going to find anybody to fill that void.  It's going to suck.

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Stephanie said...

I hate it when friends move away. My only solace is that I have been the friend that moved away more than once and I know what a good thing it can be to change. Still sucks. I'm sorry.