Monday, June 27, 2011

Hoo Boy

The dining room/office is mostly complete.  Not settled into yet, but assembled and installed.  It's not as elegant as I had hoped for, but after getting a quote of over $800 for two cabinets from a local shop, I'm still glad we'ev mostly cheaped out.

I've been culling and culling and will probably cull more.  We got an "inspection report" from the management service here at the park, and I spent hours and hours cleaning up the yard and trying to address the things they were nitpicking with us about.  When they re-inspected, they just left me a xerox of their original report!  I was peeved, and I still am.  

I have removed all the geraniums and privet hedges from the west side of the house.  I decided we couldn't afford the custom metal trellises, so I'm building them out of wood.  I've also removed all the gravel from the northwest corner of our lot and will build a 8'x11'x6" cedar box, fill it with the dirt I'm going to remove from our perimeter, level it and make a flat patio area where we can have chairs & a table. 

I planted flowers along our picket fence - penstemon, sweet peas, hollyhocks, larkspur, zinnia, salvia, coreopsis.  They look very pretty.  I found four large eggplant-purple planters at a a local discount store and I put them along the front porch.  They've been planted with eggplant, peppers, New Zealand spinach, tomatillos and chard.  I tucked flowers in-between and behind them.  The yard itself is just dirt (I'll seed it with Eco Lawn in November), with one raised bed (planted with peppers and some kale that miraculously hasn't gone to seed yet).  I planted tomatoes along the fence and they are coming up beautifully. 

Inside, there is still soooooo very much to be done.  I need to be even more ruthless than before, and I need to stop being so very, very lazy.  Progress is slow, but it's still happening. 

I am struggling with whether or not to send Paul back to school for fourth grade.  The psych evaluation told me what I already pretty much knew - he's classic ADHD and very smart.  She has suggested that we try neurofeedback, which our insurance will miraculously cover.  NFB is unproven, but it is also harmless, and I'm tempted to try it.  Medication is also an option.  I haven't made a choice yet.

I have no worries about Eli.  Kindergarten was great for him and for me.  He's come such a long way and the wild animal that he was is disappearing, replaced by a charming boy who has just the appropriate level of mischief.  Now if I can keep them from each other's throats all summer, we'll have a grand time.