Friday, September 23, 2011

Cruel, CRUEL! Cruel Summer...

My little sis was naggin' me, and I occasionally listen to her, so here's a summary of summer.

1. Just before school was out, my cousin (once removed) Allyne came from China to hang out with me for a week or so.  We spent some time getting her essential supplies that she can't get in China, but then we tried to do some cultural stuff too.  We drove into LA, saw the Street Art exhibit at MOCA (which was cool, even if the Times Art review was pretty scathing), ate awesome Japanese pastries and stopped in Cerritos for Indian food.  Fun Fact:  Allyne had her senior prom this year (in China), and I went to a prom for grown-ups (here in the USA).  We wore the same dress, completely by accident.

2.  Cub Scout Day Camp.  5 days of wild Cub Scout toomfoolery for Paul.

3.  The Annual Clemens Family Beach Campout.  It's the same every year - seven days at San Clemente State Beach with D's family.   This year I packed my bike, and that was a very nice sanity saver.  I rode all the way down to the end of San Onofre SP & back, but didn't go down Trail 6 to see if there were any nude activists down at the beach. ;)  I also rode the bike route through San C.  There are some lovely charity shops and I always enjoy my treasure hunts through them.

4.  Had a couple of gigs thrown in between other stuff.  Oh, there's band news, but I'll get to that after summer!

5.  Drove to Arizona with the boys.  My China cousins were going to be there, and I hadn't seen them in ages.  The drive out was rotten (took closer to 12 hours than 9!) and then I woke up the next day with a fever while staying at my friend Nicole's house.  Her Russian mother-in-law took care of me (which meant feeding me a great deal of dairy products and hot herbal teas) as I shivered miserably under blankets on the couch.  I went outside in the 100+ degree weather and felt comfortable, that's how feverish I was!  I owe them a really, really nice thank-you gift. I managed to recover enough to drive to my Aunt & Uncle's small ranch in southeast AZ.  We stayed for a few days and the boys had a grand time being spoiled by Uncle Reed, riding horses and eating homemade ice cream and Aunt Karen's beloved tacos.  Dan flew in for the weekend and got to visit with everybody. Then we headed back to the Phoenix area and stayed a night with my Unitarian minister activist friend Carolina and her new husband Jim (who's a peach), and Carolina's adult son John.  Lovely times. 

After Dan flew home I went up to stay with STEPHANIE for a few days.  Steph and I have been friends for a looooong time, she's as loyal as they come and I adore her.  The boys played with her little Annie and we thrift-shopped and made delicious food and were just comfortable.  I had dinner with Cynde, who I hadn't seen for probably fifteen years, and her handsome husband.  Then, the China Contingent came in and I drove back to the ranch with them.  I drove to Fort Thomas to see where my Grandma Mabel lived as a little girl, then to Morenci (which is, I kid you not, a mining company town in the middle of nowhere) to visit my cousin Julie and finally see her daughter.  Then I had an amusing misadventure finding Uncle Reed's family cabin.  All ended well and we had a delightful night reading excerpts from Twilight to each other until we broke down in giggles.  I drove back with Lee, Allyne and Emma in the car with me - Eli was the only male there and I realized how sad I am that I have so few female friends close by.  I have so few opportunities to be girly.

Drove home through Yuma so I could visit my beloved  Unca J & Aunt Joan.  Then, while driving through the Imperial Valley (which is a hot, hot desert), the A/C quit.  I had frozen bottles of water in the cooler and bandannas in the glove box, so we tied wet bandannas around our heads and held frozen bottles to our necks and survived.  I tied mine under my chin and felt like a glamour girl from the 50's.  Except for the sweat.

6.  Had about three days to recover from AZ and get packed for a week-long family backpacking trip.  E stayed at Gramma's, and D, P, and me all hiked the Rae Lakes Loop

We had allotted eight days for it, but P was a complete rockstar and we did it in less than six days.  He wanted to stay at Gramma's house, dangit, and if he had to hike farther every day to achieve that goal, then he would! And he did.  It was great and exhausting and deserves a post of its own.

Then we had about two weeks before school started.  We were mostly very lazy, and it was lovely.

How was your summer?

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Stephanie said...

My goodness. I'm exhausted just reading about it. I didn't realize you did so much in the course of just a few months.

Love to you and to your new adventures.