Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Funk

It was not the worst funk I've ever had, but it certainly put the kibosh on my getting much of anything accomplished.  I've been an emotional skeleton crew for the last month or so, and I'm just starting to wake up from it.

Things are going nicely with the band.  We've had two paying gigs so far and eventually I'll break even on my investments.  The pay is miserable but that's not why I'm doing it - it's an outlet and a growth opportunity, plus I genuinely like Dave & Dan and it's fun to hang out with them once a week and play & sing.  We are still searching for a drummer - the first one was a friend of Dave's who felt he wasn't ready to be playing live just yet and had to drive too far anyway, and the second we had for about a month.  He was the best of the drummers who tried out with us, but he gradually started creeping us out and for me the final straw was when he showed up at our Farmer's Market gig with a porn star sticker on his bass drum.  Yuck.  There were little girls sitting right in front of us while we played.  It wasn't an explicit image, but it was objectification and the implications were obvious.  I was mortified.  Luckily the guys also had misgivings about him and ended it. 

We went on the annual Grand Canyon backpacking trip.  Paul was great, a real seasoned pro.  Eli did a great job with the hiking, but not such a great job with the personal cleanliness and bathroom aspects.  He's just not ready for long hiking trips, so we've decided that he won't be going on our week-long trip this summer.

OK, that's all I have in me for now.