Wednesday, September 18, 2013


OK, I'm back.  Maybe.  A little bit.

Since the 12 or so of you that ever read this blog are also my besties on The Book of Face, you might recall that I've started school again.  I have re-enrolled at the local community college and am working on transferring to the local University of Cali. 

"What's the long-term goal," some of you have asked.  As of now, the long-term goal is to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  The last time I went back, the plan was a nursing program, but after careful consideration and speaking with actual nurses and nursing students, I realized I was not a good fit for that field.  So with the move and my general laziness, I allowed my brief hiatus to turn into almost three years.  Oops.  So next up is choosing a major for my BS (there's no specific Pre-PT major, just definite prerequisite courses) and trying to get in at the UC.  I could also go to Cal State, but that's a longer drive and I'm not comfortable being that far away from the boys, even though D works much closer to home now.  I have my AA, so now it's a matter of figuring out how long it will take me to get the BS. After the BS, I just have to cross my fingers and pray a lot and try to get in at CSULB, the only public university in the area that has a DPT program.  That will be 3 years.

Back to that little aside about D - after six miserable years in the data storage field, he has returned to the printer company he was once so happy with.  Although D will never be the kind of person who ever just comes out and says "I'm really happy," he is so much less miserable than he has been for years.  Add in that he works 2.5 miles down the same road we live on, and EVERYONE is just so much happier now.  D has really thrown himself back into cycling - he rode in a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association last year and is doing it again this year, plus he recently did a 100 mile ride (a "century" in sporty parlance) from Irvine to San Diego.  It makes him happy, and when D is happy it's much easier for me to be happy. 

P and E have finally started school again - my school started almost a month before theirs, so we had a fun scramble cobbling together child care 2x a week for a while.  P is now in 6th grade (makes me weepy), and E is in 3rd.  P is still in the gifted program, still a smart, smart kid who really struggles with homework, especially writing.  Although he actually scored 82% and 81% in the writing categories on the stupid STAR tests.  As much as I loathe our obsessive testing culture, I will take what comforts I can.  He is still on medication for his ADD, but we only bother with it on school days so he doesn't build up resistance as quickly.

E is still in the Spanish Immersion program and emphatically tells me he does NOT want to go to the gifted program.  In a mild bit of irony, this year he has the same teacher P did for 3rd grade, the teacher who finally recognized P's learning disability for what it was AND recognized his smarts enough to have him tested for gifted services.  She is a brusque, unsentimental woman but she means business when it comes to her students.  I think she'll be very good for E, who needs his teachers to outsmart him. 

Oh yeah, I'm still in the band!  We're doing well, gigging 3x a month, sometimes more, and we might might might be a quartet again.  Remains to be seen.  My favorite descriptor for the messy business of setting a band lineup is that it's like a poly marriage - everybody has to approve, everybody has to get along.  So you group-date potential new spouses, and then when it just isn't working out you have an awkward breakup and try to stay friends.  This has all helped convince me that I don't ever want to be single ever again.  But DA and Cindy have turned into so much more to me than just "co-workers."  They're wonderful friends, too.  It's been a blessing, when so many of my oldest and best friends are scattered to the four winds. 

OK, back to studying the brachial and thoracic muscles.